In lieu of a traditional registry, we are requesting that family and friends who want to bring a wedding gift consider making a monetary contribution to the Mavourneen Farm Nest Egg!  Our fledgling farmstead will require a lot of infrastructure and equipment to get started: 

land, BCS walk behind tractor and implements, water storage tanks, backpack sprayers, minerals and fertilizers, fencing, building materials, hoes, rakes, shovels, wheel barrels, farm truck, manure spreader, broadfork, trees (and lots of them), seeds, water lines and spigots, drip tape, sprinklers, hoses, trellising equipment, animals, seeders, cover crop, hightunnels, row cover, chainsaws, mulches, harvest and storage equipment, etc

Many of these things are too big and expensive to ask for from individuals.  But if many individuals contribute a little,  that total will help us to lay a strong foundation that will support our family and community for a lifetime!