Mavourneen.  Gaelic.  My Darling.

After many years growing plants and food for other people, Mavourneen is the first farm we can call our own.  It is an experiment to fuse traditional organic vegetable production with permaculture design.  It is also an experiment in working together as a couple.  Can our different approaches to farming be as compatible and good as our love?  Can we grow food on an economic scale, increase permanent biodiversity, and maintain work-family balance all at the same time?  

In the fall of 2014, the community where Rachel was raised, May Creek Farm, agreed to lend us half an acre.  That October we got busy mowing,  evaluating fencing, spreading horse manure, and planting garlic. Currently, in Mavourneen's first manifestation, we are growing root crops, fall greens, and flowers to share with the Bloomington community and guests at our fall wedding.

The dream is that someday soon we will find a piece of land to more permanently settle down and begin growing food + home on a larger scale.  We plan to expand our production to include tree fruits, berries, livestock, and much more.