Jonas + Rachel

Jonas is an Indiana native, born and raised in the beautiful Hoosier forests.  Growing up digging  in his grandparents’ gardens, Jonas has always had a passion to for soil, plants, and food.  After taking a permaculture design course in June of 2010, Jonas apprenticed with Peter Bane and Keith Johnson of Renaissance Farm, diving deep into the world of perennial, useful plants. He has since started an edible landscaping and nursery business, Bread + Roses, with his dear friend, Salem Willard.  This work,has led Jonas to design systems ranging from small urban lots to broad-scale farms.  With his teaching certificate, he hopes to go beyond design by empowering others to take the leap into becoming more resilient and involved individuals. Through working with nature and others he wants to help communities discover the abundance and happiness that comes from living in harmony with the ecosystems around us.

Rachel got her start as a vegetable grower at the Michigan State University Student Farm in 2009.  After several years managing organic farms up north, in January of 2014 she came back to her home state of Indiana  to take a position as Farm Manager at the Purdue University Student Farm.  During the week she and her two dogs, Rooster + Taloola, work with young people who are interested in learning the wide variety of skills necessary to run a diverse, small-scale agricultural business.  On the weekends, she + the pups drive down to Bloomington to be with Jonas and family.  Rachel considers farming an artistic expression-- creating beautiful places + beautiful food through physical effort.  She is interested in learning how to make agriculture more compatible with the natural world and she thinks a lot about the challenge of elevating food and farmers to be more highly valued in our society.